We bought second Zhiguli!


We probably went crazy, but we bought a second Zhiguli! Right here in the Russian city of Tomsk and we named it symbolically after our dormitories - Arkadia.

Arkadia was born in the same year as our first Zhiguli - Pupík in 1987, so she is already a decent 33 years old lady, but she definitely doesn't look at her age. At the same time, it is solidly nimble, rides beautifully and doesn't even have many wrinkles. In fact, a few corrections and adjustments had to be made. For example, I can mention a cracked windshield, tires that should try their luck with Formula 1 racing or the absence of music and more. However, despite these shortcomings, we immediately fell in love with her, fixed everything and gave her the love she deserves.

I also infected Alessandra with a Zhiguli idea, and it got to the point where she decided to buy a Zhiguli in half with me (Kuba)! This means that we will go from Russia to the Czech Republic together! Pretty cool decision don't you think? There is no better way to spend the rest of the summer than as a passenger in a super hot Zhiguli. We plan to leave on July 28th from Russian Tomsk and head it to the Ural Mountains, where we will make a small trip to the mountains for a few days. After the trek, we will go to St. Petersburg to visit our friend and then we will see. We are still deciding between two options. The first is the Baltic route to Poland, or the second, which we like more and more, through Ukraine. However, this will become clear during the journey, as we do not know what the current regulations will be.

Below I put a few more photos from the preparations, which are not over yet. There is still a lot of work.