We bought a Zhiguli!


12 000 kilometers? Pffff.. It seemed not enough to us, so we decided to add another 5 500 kilometers.

Probably you knock on your forehead now with words "Why these idiots added another kilometers? That's not enough suffering for them?"
There is a simple explanation. We bought zhiguli in Czech and there is no more simple task the to reach the imaginary start line. Which is in Tomsk and it is 5 500 kilomerters far. At least at the very beginning we will test what the car and us are capable of because we will try to reach this place as fast as it is possible.

Why we didn't buy the zhiguli in Russia as we planed?
Main reason for this decision is the possibility to have problems with overwrite and registration of the car, crossing borders and using the car back in Czech Republic. Another problems might occurred with delivering all the technic equipment, preparation of the car, etc.

What the result?
More kilometers bigger = challenge and more experiences!

Take a look at this handsome!