First meeting


Let's do a little throwback to historical first and maybe until our leaving the last one personal meeting of Báňský žigul which was on 4.2.2020 in Parlament restaurant in Ostrava.

Down below I will write from my point of view (Kuba).

The meeting was just two days before my flight to Siberia. It was planned before, but because of the boom of Coronavirus Láďa decided to lock himself in his room and stay in quarantine and don't go out after his arrival from Malaysia. Luckily he didn't die and this meeting could happen.

Summary of this meeting in a few facts, findings and impressions from this memorable day

1. I haven't seen Lada for more than 2 years

2. Miloš and Láďa never met before

3. I and Miloš know each other from the party

4. We were all drivers, so we drunk nonalcoholic beer

5. We found out that none of us haven't sat in zhiguli before and nobody knows to fix it

6. We had tons of great ideas, that we will realize hopefully

7. We realized that our pocket-money is not probably enough

8. Miloš didn't pass an exam that day, Láďa didn't have a mask and Kuba said goodbye to his favorite pub

9. That day idea was born, which we started to realize that day and it moved our project closer to make it happen (more about this later)

Bonus 10. finding, maybe the future rule

We go by train so we can have a proper beer next time.