Báňský žigul at Kariéra+


Thanks to everyone who came over to Ostrava to visit us yesterday!

Beside an opportunity to see our expedition car, visitors got chance to discuss about our trip and to win cool prizes. 

It was very pleasant to realize, that there is many - for us unknown people, who know us and follow us on social networks. 

Beside classmates, some people from Ostrava and students of Technical University of Ostrava came over also some exchange students from Russia and Kazachstan. When they heard about our plan, they said that we are sick and that there is not a big chance to manage this trip. Their words did not pull us down, but motivated us to show them that we can do it! 

It was great and we are looking forward for upcoming meeting of this kind! I think, we will organize some more meetings before our departure that is planned for the last week of June 2020.

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