Baikal trip - part two


Next morning, we run again. This time to catch ferry. Reason is simple - Baikal doesn't freeze at the point where it is connected with river and we were in that exact place. So, there wasn't any other option then to again wake up early to finally reach group A. Somehow, we made even with our broken Russian. We are going to the other side with creaky ferry. We are freezing but again we are closer to our friends and better days. We are wandering around, trying to find group A. Finally we woke them up and we assume that we are housing. Day just began and we are overcome our fear and for the first time we put our feet on frozen lake. All together we roam white frozen endless "wasteland" of Baikal. It was truly unbelievable. I felt like I am on a different planet. After some while we noticed basic lack - deficit of toilets. I will not write no more to this. Lets leave it to your imagination. Later our epic poses for second album come on the stage. Suddenly we start to hear noises of cracking ice. We put our trousers back and with unsure feeling we run off from the lake to have cake and beer. Chilling mood is all around until girls come with unpleasant news - group B doesn't have accommodation. The owner of accommodation of group A - Olga did a mistake and instead of us she gave rooms to Japanese. Chill is over.

From this moment real peculiarities began. We are looking as fast as possible for replacement but we cant find any for normal price because its holiday time now in Russia and Slydudyanka is only a village. We reserve the cheapest available hostel. In hour we receive a message that we cant stay there due technical problems. In the meantime, girls with Olga found accommodation for us for 25 euros per person. We said no. This time I took the charge. I found one for half price, without thinking I reserved it and paid for it. After few calls with owners we discover that I = idiot reserved it for next day. It means that we are still homeless. In the end we go to beg of the previous accommodation which girls with Olga found and we rejected it. Armed with message in Russian on small piece of paper because our broken Russian. Finally we get great price and pay 27 euros per person. At the same time as our suffering, group A started to drink with one Russian family at their accommodation. This really affected next trip development..