Baikal trip - part three


After the payment of unchristian price with "discount" we were pissed what should I tell you. Following info we got is that other group is having unadulterated Russian party on their accommodation and we wanted to join because we supposed to stay there as well! Obviously, the owner kicked us out with words "you don't live here". Even more pissed we went to sleep. If I do my back to the past then me and livers are glad that we didn't stay because our condition and next day will be much more different than the second group's day.

Our morning is completely pink, we are well rested, breakfast is ready and we leave our bags at manager. We try to use every single service of hotel when we paid for it. For the last time we tried to wake up members of the second group, unsuccessfully. Probably they are in coma. We decided to go for small walk. Thanks to our shortcuts and stray it was in the end almost 30 kilometers. At the beginning we didn't find the start so we started feel like chamois walking on tight unofficial path just almost enough for one person. Path lead on the edges of cliffs. Whole time was more then 10m cliff down. As a cherry on the top whole path was covered by combination of ice, mud and snow. After hour of suffering we decided in democratic election to go back and try to find thoughtful marked touristic trek path by walking on the shores of frozen lake and get back by using it because one part of it ends on beach of lake. This time we are walking on the ice and with stunned face we are admiring massive cliffs where we've been few moments ago. We state that was the right and clever decision. After some hour we reach the beach and after the lunch which was one pack of cookies that we managed to take with us and we stepping into forest. I mentioned marked touristic path, right? Well oh no, during whole track we found maybe three marks. We are lost in the forest without signal, wade through snow up and down, trying to find footsteps in the snow and guess the way. Climbing to mega hill was done and after reaching the top we are celebrating it as reaching basic camp on K2. I Thailand I got lost in the jungle like that and now in Russian taiga. I was satisfied because that was exactly what I wanted. Around evening we see first sights of live, exhausted but happy. We are taking are bags back and again we are moving because as you remember I booked and paid accommodation on the other side of the village on the wrong day because it was cheap.

After the return to the civilization we finally discover what happened with group B. Now you will understand why I am glad for me and my livers. They sat and drunk with Russian family until sunrise. They woke up who knows when. They wanted to say goodbye but family was that excited about them so they took them with them for a trip with hovercraft. As expected they did it in a Russian style so they packed few bottles of vodka to their bags which they downed. Ladies had to (wanted to) drink more because it was 8th of may - women's day and they wanted to celebrate it properly. They were in that good mood so they didn't want to end and they invited them to their home somewhere 80 km on the north from Irkutsk. Lucie without thinking reacted yelling "DA". That was the moment when our travelling group split into groups A, B, C because Vittorio with Sebastian got scared and stayed at Baikal. Lucie with Veronika disappeared with Jura's family in the horizon..