Baikal trip - part one


One Tuesday's night in march it all began, crazy Russian taxi driver took us to the railway station in Tomsk and we could start our 2 days ride to Baikal without any particular plan. After few hours in train "Russian teleport" which is fueled by 40% Pjat Ozer (vodka) fuel was activated. *PUF* Suddenly we are in Irkutsk. Surprisingly, all of us and almost alive. Then we started our epic march to hostel across whole city and in a snow blizzard. Some brave of us without backpacks but with suitcases. Tourists. Whole day we are wandering with hangover around city and discovering its beauties and hidden corners, really, we almost walked around the whole city. We, 8 of us, are making sophisticated plan of the century during the dinner. We will divide to two groups. Group A will go shortest way to Slyudyanka by van where they will book accommodation also for group B (my - Kuba's group). Which will take much longer round way by train and come day later. During that night I barely sleep because Vittorio is snoring as hell. I haven't heard this amount of swear-words in different languages. I am surprised that he survived until the morning.

In early morning my group is running to catch the train. We spent 4 hours in first train to reach starting point of Circum Baikal Train. At train station we ate canteen's Borsch. When I look back, I have to say that we were quite brave to eat this Borsch before this ride. Full of excitement we are stepping into our golden highlight of this day. Ride on the historical railway on the shores of Baikal with amazing views! We are having extasy for the first 30 minutes, filming, shooting a commenting everything we can see. Slowly we realize that view stays monotone and with knowing that for another 6 hours with speed of 18 km/h we have no chance to escape we continue our epic ride in silent. There is no fuel for Russian teleport. So, our only entertainment are local guys chewing sunflower seed without talking and one drunk Babushka to which we can't understand. Only thing we understood was insult to Niko that he doesn't look like a Viking at all according to her even he is from Finland. During this ride we started to understand why there are only 4 trains in the whole week and we felt pity for locals who lives there and have to go like this for shopping for example. Our day was saved by our accommodation almost literally in the middle of nowhere. We went to banya (Russian version of sauna) and walked outside with cold one. As far now interesting trip.