Baikal trip - part four


In the evening debate of the survivors on Baikal, we agree on how to do it next, we lost our translators, there are fewer of us and we have no idea if we will all meet on the train at all, because the girls have gone and we have no idea where exactly. We decide to trust them to show up on the train and plan a walk to the museum for the next day and a peaceful departure to the station in Irkutsk. The next late morning we meet, head to the museum, to which only Vittorio goes in the end. The rest of the cultural barbarians prefer to go up to the view point. We wanted a peaceful return to the station, didn't we? Well, we are not doing very well, because none of us speaks Russian better than a three-year-old child. We wander around the crazy village for over an hour, we try to find a bus that would bring us closer to the station, we also try hand language for drivers, even taxi applications, all unsuccessfully. Finally, we find the official tourist office, the service is not very pleasant and tells us that all regular buses are already full. Miraculously, after a while it turns out that they set up one more extra bus later in the evening, but now she wants to go buy a snack and have a cigarette. Without a ticket, she kicks us out, we nervously wait outside, because we know that there are the last 6 places just for us. We won the race at the box office in a thorough warm-up outside and the tickets were ours. As far as I can remember, the people behind us were not happy about it as us.

So, we made only quick shopping of basic supplies for the train on the other side of the city, where the bus dropped us off and we get to the station by a funnel tram. We caught the train, but the girls were nowhere. We get message that they should join us on the journey because Jura lives somewhere on the route of our train. Okay, so we had some worries, but they disappeared after about an hour, because at the end of the hall we see two people still drunk and half-dead human beings. This is our Verča with Lucka! Wait, why does Lucie have a huge amount of flowers and a big teddy bear? We can smell nicely vodka from their breaths and we find out that yesterday they continued to an unadulterated Russian disco, in the morning they have been woke up with vodka and beer with meat for breakfast. Jura took a large pickup truck, threw a submachine gun and a bottle of vodka on the back seats. They rode on a frozen lake, where they managed to get stuck and shot with a submachine gun while consuming more vodka. In the meantime, Lucie even managed to steal Jur's friend's heart, no one knows why or how, but this is the explanation of those flowers and teddy bear.

This is followed by a typical journey by Russian train, carried in a similar spirit as the journey there. Around 3 in the morning the next day we are back in Tomsk, luckily we managed to call a taxi to the dormitory and with the vision of a beautiful sleep in my bed I enthusiastically open the door of my room to find out that my window broke during the trip. This meant that it was open all the time and the room was Siberian cold. Now I understand the joke when a Russian says he has -20 at home. My salvation comes to the morning - the cleaning lady, because it seemed to her that it was somehow blowing from my room and taking a spare handle without thinking, she started to fight with the window, in a few seconds and the precisely aimed punches fight ended. It no longer blows into my room and with the wish "Satisfied nights" I try to fall asleep again. After another hour of poor sleep, I wake up to class without a hint that this is one of the last days I visit university.