Why do we want to travel?

Just because we enjoy travelling. We have an unquenchable urge to learn something new, in new ways, in different ways than others. We don't like travel agencies. That's just too boring for us. We do not want to do all-inclusive vacation, to lay down like a whale on the beach with rum and cola with an umbrella somewhere in Egypt for 8 days. Nothing against these such holidays, but this is not our style. We are simply looking for something else. Because where is the adventure when there is no risk and excitement in it?

Why the hell with Zhiguli?

The answer here is simple - we have no money left for anything else. We can't afford a luxury car, but we wanted a car to travel in. So we tried it in a different way, we said we will try to find the toughest, roughest and simplest car we can find because we don't have the money, we don't know how to repair the car, because we are university students. So at least we can be tough, so Zhiguli felt like best deal and the choice was clear. At first glance, we knew it fit like an ass on a pot!

Why like that?

We don't mind travelling slower, in fact, it suits us better. It seems more natural to us. One then gets to know the country much more in-depth and takes a deeper memory from it than if you just fly to your destination by plane and stay in the area for a few days. Another motto that we follow completely is that the journey is the goal. It doesn't matter where we go, but it's all about the final composite symphony of preparation, handling, collapse, setbacks, tears, sweat, blood and the following joy of any small success or failure.